sam_and_skye: (skye)

I’ve never made things with sharing in mind. Accordingly my projects folder is a mess, and taking screenshots a pain in the butt. The bad kind. 

So. I’ll just gather some of those fixes and slight changes for now.


1. The country bedding that came with EP7 was fooked on single beds.

download bedding texture fix


2. My favourite EA carpet did a strange thing where if you zoomed out too much, stripes would appear around each tile.

No screenshot of it because if you haven’t seen it, you don’t need this. ;)

download carpet texture fix


3. I’ve ignored the cheap tub consistently through all these years, but when I saw that Michelle graced us with matching toilet and sink recolours, I went and gave them a plain inside. 

Nothing else changed, this will only replace the textures with the same ones sans paws.

purple paws begone