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 I was gonna go back to uploading on MTS, but their rules are crazy and I refuse to take 18 pictures of one and the same thing. I like my screenshots big and dark, duh. 

So, I couldn’t for the life of me find matching recolours for both of the Baine pieces, and went and did pooklet’s naturals. The counter ones also recolour all of the shelves.




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 So… the deep sleeper coffin. They did an awesome job picking the worst possible colours to go with that one, so I’ve whipped up some lazy defaults and 4 extra recolours.

No Nightlife, no coffin, so naturally you need that.

There are 7 fabric choices. “Purple” gets replaced with the bright pink one, the others are obvious. Red is the one that also changes the rest of the coffin. I haven’t altered it a lot, but EA and me have quite a different understanding of what “black” and “gold” is. 


Get defaults (preview)

Get recolours (preview)


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Yeah, I usually don’t make those. Others are better at it, and there’s plenty to download. But what to do if you love your drawing tablet and still wanna see things on a giant canvas.  

Recolours of the “two dogs and one olive” painting.


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There's too much fabulousness walking around in my game, I was in desperate need for a simple straight hairstyle. I was also in desperate need for some colours. So here goes. 

My version of Lilyth's alpha edit of Yuxi's conversion of Coolsims' hair 94. It's binned and linked. Guys get it from young adult to elder since that's what Yuxi converted, girls can have nice hair at any age. ;D

I couldn't find a working link for the male mesh, so I pulled it out of a default replacement and included it. 

Get the female mesh here

Download my recolours